Running a business can be a challenging undertaking, but it just got a little easier with Critical Capital Solutions—a comprehensive business consulting firm based out of Lancaster, PA. Co- founders Jamaal and Kashara Wheaton are committed to supporting small, medium, and corporate size businesses to achieve their revenue goals by providing exceptional capital and growth consulting solutions.

Founded in September 2021, Critical Capital Solutions story starts with Jamaal and Kashara Wheaton. Together they decided to leverage their 20 years of experience in consulting, advising, and working with executive leaders across industries—including Federal, State, Local Government and Private Sector. Jamaal, President of the consulting firm is a U. S. Army Veteran. After serving he spent time working with a Big 4 Consulting firm, where he focused on large scale projects with big organizations. He built systems to streamline their business processes, maximize profits, improve efficiency, and expand their footprint. Kashara, who serves as Vice President of Critical Capital Solutions has experience in Social Work, Case Management and Care Coordination. She also offers an in-depth knowledge of medical, non-profit and insurance fields. The marriage of the two distinguished backgrounds was the start of Critical Capital Solutions and is what continues to make the firm so special.

Starting a business takes heart and passion, but it also needs strategy and opportunity to scale. Studies show that 20% of new businesses fail after the first two years of launching and 27% of businesses choose not to hire consultants. Critical Capital Solutions aims to mitigate and decrease these statistics. An entrepreneurial economy is important now more than ever, and the consulting firm is here to partner with organizations in any domestic location and amplify the business market. 

The Mission and Vision

Critical Capital Solutions mission is to support the growth of business owners by providing business capital consultation and growth resources. The firm understands first-hand the barriers that arise when building and running a business—including helping entrepreneurs connect with various forms of commercial lending sources. Critical Capital Solutions is inspired by the energy of entrepreneurs— especially small start-ups and their drive to succeed and determination to provide valuable products and services to their communities.

The ability to work with a diverse clientele is what makes the consulting firm unique. The loan consultants can work with any industry on a wide range of commercial finance programs. And as an Army Veteran, Jamaal has a special niche for supporting Veteran Owned Businesses by leveraging and connecting them with programs designed specifically for small and Veteran Owned Businesses.

With over 20 years of experience, Critical Capital Solutions is dedicated to the success of each client. The firm offers incomparable business solutions and will continue to build innovate systems to serve each partner. Critical Capital Solutions will not only give your business the competitive advantage it needs to sustain, but you’ll also become a part of the Critical Capital family. Contact them today and transform your business for life.