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How To Improve Corporate Culture

With so much attention paid to perks these days, it can be easy to overlook something more fundamental: your company’s culture. After all, a nice break room or quarterly happy...... Read More

How Can Businesses Get Financing Using Accounts Receivable?

A business’ receivables are an asset. Using the value of accounts receivable to get financing may be a good option over other lending options. Here are some things that business...... Read More

Areas of Your Company Where You Can Use a Quick Loan

When you obtain a traditional bank loan, you typically can only use it on expansion, remodeling, or equipment. However, there are many other items in your facility that you need...... Read More

Are Mergers and Acquisitions Good for Small Businesses?

Businesses are a lot like life. They have ups and downs, and different phases that detail operations. The startup is the beginning of a small business’s journey, and this naturally...... Read More

3 Quick Tips to Help You Find Franchise Financing

Financing a franchise business is different from any other startup company. Since you are buying a license to operate under an existing brand, the cash obligations are usually a bit...... Read More

What Tax Credits Does Your Business Qualify for?

Knowing if you qualify for a tax credit and how to claim it is essential for every business owner who wants to reduce their tax liability. Below are some of...... Read More

Auto Repair Shop: How to Finance Your New Business

Business financing can be a challenge for some auto and truck repair shops. Problems with cash flow are common for repair and body shops that deal with commercial clients or...... Read More

Implementing Ethical Leadership into Your Company

The importance of ethical leadership in a company today stems from its far-reaching effects on everything from recruitment and bookkeeping to product creation and consumer data management. As a bonus,...... Read More

Everything a Small Business Owner Should Know About Accounting

As a small business owner, you must be involved in your business’s financial management. Your business will fail before it succeeds if you don’t keep debt, receivables, and marketing costs...... Read More

How Does Taking out a Commercial Loan Work?

A commercial loan is arranged between a firm and a bank. These are typically short-term loans, but the bank may allow for extensions and renewals if necessary. Ready to take...... Read More