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Why Every Small Business Owner Needs a Line of Credit

Some things in life are nice to have, but they’re not necessities. Other things are vital to the successful functioning of a business. Many companies lines of credit fall into that category of essential tools. Once they experience the benefits,... Read More

When Is Buying Better Than Leasing Real Estate?

Many businesses choose to own their facilities, but not all of them go this route. While it can lower overhead in the long term, buying property assumes the company in question can buy the right property. It also believes that... Read More

Tips for Strengthening Your Accounting Department

When running a business, there is a lot to think about daily. This is true when it comes to things like the overall direction your company is headed in, as well as the smaller day-to-day details. Even though some may... Read More

Tips For Startup Success

Creating a startup business from scratch takes a lot of time and energy. No doubt it’s a daunting process. But with consistent effort, it can be done — and the countless new startups that find success every year are a... Read More

How To Secure Reliable Small Business Funding

As any entrepreneur knows, it takes a good deal of money to fund a business. Costs from inception to opening (and even after) can quickly balloon, leading you to need to spend vast sums to keep a business afloat and... Read More

How To Prepare Your Business for Accounts Receivable Financing

Your company has grown, and you need money to expand your facility or move altogether. Applying for a standard loan can take weeks to get approval and one is unable to pay for items like payroll. Factoring is an option... Read More

How To Improve Your Working Capital

Your company’s working capital is the money that allows you to operate each day. It’s what you use to manage daily expenses and keep your business going. If you are having trouble keeping a good balance between liabilities and assets,... Read More

How To Improve Corporate Culture

With so much attention paid to perks these days, it can be easy to overlook something more fundamental: your company’s culture. After all, a nice break room or quarterly happy hour isn’t going to change how your employees feel about... Read More

How Can Businesses Get Financing Using Accounts Receivable?

A business’ receivables are an asset. Using the value of accounts receivable to get financing may be a good option over other lending options. Here are some things that business owners should consider about accounts receivable financing.  Offering Receivables as... Read More

Areas of Your Company Where You Can Use a Quick Loan

When you obtain a traditional bank loan, you typically can only use it on expansion, remodeling, or equipment. However, there are many other items in your facility that you need cash for, such as products and marketing. Applying for a... Read More