Buying a franchise has many perks: Much of the legwork when it comes to product creation, branding, and marketing is already done, allowing entrepreneurs to slide into an ideal situation. If you’re curious about becoming a franchisee, keep reading to learn the basics of what to expect.

Research Is Important

Researching different franchises is key if you want to succeed as a franchisee. Try to seek out one that fits your skills and passions, and if possible, talk to people who already are franchisees with the brand you’re considering. They can tell you more about what it’s like than anyone. Other important research topics include the amount of local competition since you don’t want to start up in an oversaturated market, and if the franchise is generally profitable. Additionally, you’ll want to identify some potentially suitable commercial spaces early in the process.

There Is an Application Process

Before you purchase a franchise, you’ll need to go through an application process. You should be ready to respond to the franchisor’s requests for information on your finances, plus their questions regarding your experience as well as why you want to buy in.

You’ll Need Training

While buying a franchise can remove a lot of the work from an entrepreneur’s shoulders, you’ll still have a lot to learn. Part of what makes franchises so attractive—their preexisting infrastructure—necessitates that new owners get up to speed quickly on how things work. Specifically, you’ll need to seek out training on branding, how to best run your day-to-day operations and marketing techniques.

Financing Matters

Starting a franchise isn’t free. There will likely be startup costs plus one-time and ongoing fees. Fortunately, there are many potential sources of funding that may help, from franchisor-supplied financing to alternative lenders. Securing the right financing can help you move in and start up smoothly.

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