With so much attention paid to perks these days, it can be easy to overlook something more fundamental: your company’s culture. After all, a nice break room or quarterly happy hour isn’t going to change how your employees feel about their work, or you as their boss, on a day-to-day basis. However, strong corporate culture leads directly to happier workers and improved performance in most organizations. Here are some steps to improve how your team handles things.

Hold Regular Office Hours

It sounds simple, but many managers never hold office hours. This is particularly true for remote teams. If your team is distributed, or if you manage employees who work remotely, it’s good to hold regular office hours. Whatever the platform, the goal is the same: to make it easy for your team members to talk to you about whatever’s on their minds. Office hours are a great way for employees to ask questions about company policy, get clarification on what you expect from them, or just let off some steam about something that’s bothering them.

Celebrate Wins

Recognizing wins, whether they’re small or large, is more than just a feel-good moment for your employees. It lets them know that their work is valued, boosting their morale and confidence. Whether a team member completes a big project, finishes a critical training course, or does something else entirely, you should find a way to celebrate his or her accomplishment. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on these celebrations. Lunch on the company’s dime is a fine option, or you can always throw your team a virtual high-five on social media.

Be Transparent

There’s a lot of advice out there about how important it is to “be yourself” at work. But what does that mean? It means being open and honest with your team. It means letting them see who you are and inviting them into your life outside the office. Being transparent with your team is as simple as sharing a bit more about yourself with them. It can mean sharing your hobbies, introducing team members to other people, or just being honest about the challenges you’re facing in your job.

A better corporate culture can lead to happier, more engaged employees. It can even lead to a better bottom line for your company. You and your team can start reaping the rewards with a few small changes.