The COVID pandemic has clearly affected all of America in one way or another. Small businesses, especially, have been hard hit. With poorer sales, supply-chain issues, and a myriad of other woes, some businesses are finding it difficult to say in the black.

Ways to Keep Your Business Fit During the Pandemic

Determined business people are shouldering through despite the tough odds. These are some of the ways that they are doing it.

• Operating with fewer people. Some businesses have found it necessary to operate as sole ownerships. Others have decided to cut back on employees, at least for the time being. 

• Carrying items or providing services that others don’t. Intrepid businesspeople are looking to provide goods and services that are in high need during the pandemic. 

• Offering delivery and take-out. With person-to-person contact occurring less often, many retail businesses have scaled up their takeout and delivery options. 

• Maximizing their online leverage. E-commerce can be done easily and without close personal contact. Because of this, many businesses have ramped up this aspect of their operations.  

Is There a Silver Lining for the Business Market

Despite the harshness of the pandemic, there may indeed be a silver lining. Entrepreneurship is actually on the rise. This can-do spirit, embedded in the American fabric, always rises to the occasions when new needs and situations arise. One estimate suggests that over 10% of Americans have started a business during the pandemic. Some of these new ways of doing things are here to say long after the pandemic passes.

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