Referral & Broker Program

How Can You Start a Career as a Broker?

The financial industry has many rewarding job opportunities. One of these career paths you could choose to pursue is that of a broker. Companies of all types and sizes need access to financial solutions to grow, and as a broker, you will have the opportunity to help them find the perfect avenues of financing. Critical Capital Solutions relies on a team of talented brokers to provide financial solutions to our clients, and we are always ready to add new people to our company.

What To Expect as a Member of Our Team

We believe that certain characteristics allow our team members to provide superior customer service. As a broker on our team, we want you to be committed to cultivating the following qualities so that you can better serve our clients:

  • Knowledge:  We don’t expect you to know everything about the financial industry, but we do want you to be committed to learning.
  • Confidence:  We want you to believe in your ability to perform job assignments well.
  • Motivation:  We want team members who are driven to perform their jobs to the best of their ability.
  • Friendliness: We want team members who have great personalities and can connect easily with clients.
  • Organization: We want our brokers to complete tasks without getting sidetracked.

How We Enrich Your Career

customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we expect our brokers to deliver exceptional customer service. In exchange for your dedication, you can expect to earn a sizable commission on every transaction you broker. You will be paid immediately after closing a transaction, and you will be protected with upfront fee disclosure. Finally, we allow our brokers to work remotely from anywhere with Internet access.

Join Our Team Today

Critical Capital Solutions is always accepting applications for new members to join our team. If you think brokering is the right career for you, contact us today to apply for our referral and broker program.