Fix and Flip Financing

Discover the Many Benefits of Fix and Flip Financing

The world of fix and flip projects can be a lot of fun, but it also requires a significant amount of cash up-front. When you’re fixing up old properties so you can sell them for a profit, you need to be able to afford the materials, equipment and services necessary to get them ready to sell. Here at Critical Capital Solutions, we can help you with that aspect of your business ownership by providing you with fix and flip financing. This type of financing is designed specifically to help you take care of your fix and flip projects.

Fix and Flip Lines of Credit

One of our fix and flip solutions is a line of credit that can give you the borrowing power you need to finish your projects. Our lines of credit come with the following:

  • Fixed low rates
  • Closing times with 18 days
  • Up to 95% of renovation costs and 90% of property purchase costs
  • Credit lines as high as $5,000,000
  • 24-month terms

These credit lines are good for practically any property you want to fix and flip.

Fix and Flip Loans

Like our fix and flip lines of credit, our fix and flip loans also offer appealing benefits. They include:

  • Low interest rates
  • No prepayment penalties
  • 24-month terms
  • Loan amounts as high as $10,000,000
  • Up to 100% of renovation costs and 85% of property purchase costs

When you’re ready to apply for one of these fix and flip financing programs, let us know! We’ll help guide you through the simple application process.